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Digitalone Network has come a long way since its establishment in 2014. From small beginnings as a provider of local internet services businesses. After a time we are grow our business with our valueble home and corporate clients and we have grown consistently and organically as a faithfully communications provider serving a diverse portfolio of business class voice and data services. we have earned the reputation of a faithfully communications provider whose focus is on solidly addressing businesses communications requirements. Now we have largest and fastest growing fiber optic infrastructure of Narayangonj with the best in class.

Mokbul Hossain

Point-to-Point friendly

P2P networks connect high-speed serial interfaces to a Channel Service Unit (CSU) at location A. The Channel Service Unit provides the bond between the router and the leased line.

multiple device connected

Most wireless access points and wireless routers can theoretically devices connected, That represents a lot of computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other devices and probably far exceeds.

secure your public Wi-Fi connection

Public Wi-Fi network is inherently less secure than private one, because you don't know who set it up, or who else is connecting to it. Ideally, wouldn't ever have to use it better to first ensure security.

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6 Mbps

(1-2)device allow

BDT 500.00 / month

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10 Mbps

(1-3)device allow

BDT 800.00 / month

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12 Mbps

(1-5)device allow

BDT 880.00 / month

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High Speed

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BDT 0.00 / month

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15 Mbps

Many device allowed!

BDT 1000.00 / month

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